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Manyane Accommodation

Pilanesberg National Park
Manyane Chalets 2019 Rates
Weekend 2 Bedroom 6/8 Sleeper - R5700; 1 Bedroom 4/6 Sleeper - R5100

50% deposit to secure, balance 30 days before - Weekends have the usual monotonous 2 night minimum stay... so please DO NOT ASK FOR 1 NIGHT!
You are most welcome to stay Friday or Saturday night only, but you will have to pay for 2 weekend nights, + Su night
W/end with Fr, Sa & Su around R5700. Available dates are below the pics. There are only 12 of these at Manyane, all timeshare, so they are pretty scarce, and about half the price of Sun City Vacation Club units.

I have more than 20 yearly modules available at Manyane & Bakgatla. The pics below are for Manyane unit 60, a 2B6/8 - the other units are similar, and I list them all below. The main double is en suite, but with an entrance from the kitchen as well, so the 2 singles in the loft and sleeper couch can have access. The 2nd room with 2 immovable singles has an en suite as well. All nights are stated, i.e. if it's till Th 22, it will be out Fr 23! . Mail for availability, or just check below. Please note dates can't be changed, and payments can't be refunded! We can with enough notice offer alternative dates though. Specials payable as soon as booked, unless otherwise arranged. Note that at Manyane area, there are 400 ha with Walking trails, setting it apart from any other Lodge and Resort in the Park. There are more than 450 impala, 4 giraffe, some zebra, springbok, waterbuck, warthogs, at least 60 kudu, and the occasional leopard in the area, and birdlife galore.

Golden Leopard Resorts = Manyane and Bakgatla
Far more affordable, so normally sold per 3 night weekend, in the region of R4500 - R6000. Same rate if you stay 2 nights, though some of the weekends will be available at.roughly 80% of the w/end rate.
Bakgatla chalet: 1B7 - 5/7 sleeper with 2 bathrooms iso 1 - double, 3 beds in loft, sleeper couch
Manyane chalet: 2B8 - 6/8 sleeper with 2 bathrooms iso 1 - double, twin, 2 beds in loft, sleeper couch
Other Manyane chalets: 1B6 - 4/6 sleeper with 1 sometimes 2 bathrooms - double, 2 beds in loft, sleeper couch
Kwa Maritane cabanas: 1B2/5 - 2/5 sleeper with 1 bathroom - double, 2 sleeper couches, double & single
Kwa Maritane chalets: 2B6/8 - 6/8 sleeper with 2 bathroom - double, twin, 2 single beds in loft, double sleeper couch
Bakubung chalets: all 2B6 - 4/6 sleeper with 2 bathrooms - double, twin, 2x sleeper couches
All specials fully self catering - you just need to bring yourself and swimming towels.

Updated 4 March 2018, as below - For dates not listed below I can only give you the 4 sleepers only at Manyane or 5 sleepers at Bakgatla at brochure (rack) rates. Please note normal Resorts chalets have no sleeper couch, the 6 & 8 sleepers are all self catering timeshare units, as listed below. All 8 sleepers have an extra bathroom as well as the extra sleeper couch, but some 4/6 sleepers only have the extra couch.

2018 Timeshare specials - various rates as privately owned- all self catering with specs as above. No meals are included. We list available nights!
Just to compare, Lodge Timeshares sell for: Kwa Maritane 5's @ R3 100/n, 6's at R4 500/n, and Bakubung 6's @ R3 600/n m/w & R4250/n w/e

There are 2 kind of units - 1st the Resort units that are let out by the Resorts at a higher rate - Manyane and Bakgatla. This Resort rate includes a buffet breakfast (2018 @ R160pp)
Manyane only offers 2 sleeper studios with only a kettle and a small fridge, and 1Bed 4 sleepers (double bed & 2 singles in the loft) that is fully equipped.
Bakgatla only offers 1B 5 sleepers, fully equipped. There are no larger Resort units at either Resort. Resort units have only 1 bathroom, and the couch in the lounge is not a sleeper couch.
Their rates are on the Manyane & Bakgatla links below with all the other links, and you can also book it through me. I am including the rate here for the sake of disclosure, so you can compare apples with apples, and to save you the time, but the units offered on this page are fully self catering - No meals are included. Park entrance have to be paid daily, though you will get a 50% concession.

Then there are the privately owned Bakgatla & Manyane self catering timeshare units - rates can differ depending on the owners, who all either use it or sell it privately. All are attached to another unit except Manyane # 60. The Manyane units normally have an additional bathroom as well, except for 1/2 the 1B4/6 units, but not always en suite, and all have a double couch is a sleeper that is not meant for adults.
So the 1 bedroom units can sleep 6 is now a 1B4/6, as there are beds for 4 persons - 14 units. 7 Units have 1 bathroom - 52,53,55,56,57,58 & 59, and 7 Units have 2 bathrooms - 22,23,27,28,29,50, & 51.
In addition there are 12 x 2B6/8 units - they have an additional 2nd room with immovable twin beds, 6 on beds + the sleeper couch & all have a 2nd bathroom - #'s 21,24,25,26,30,36,42,43,48,49,54 & 60.
This is the only page on the web where you will find this information, so if you use it commecially have the decency to add a link to this page - legally the above is called my intellectual property.
All the Bakgatla units have an additional en suite bathroom, and is thus a 1B5/7 that can sleep 7 persons, 5 on beds. There are more space than in the Manyane units.

Modules (3n w/ends or 4n midweeks) are set; Fr - Su night & Mo - Th night - you have to pay for the module even if staying 1 night less. The owners sell you the full module, and all needs to be paid in full for confirmation. There are no refunds on cancellations, you have to sell it on if your plans change. In peak weeks it works the same as absolutely everywhere in the World - most owners will only sell you the full week. If you take part of a peak week, expect to pay a higher daily rate, as most definately the Resorts will already be booked out.
If your dates are for i.e. a Th & Fr night, these units will not work for you and you just need to book a Resort unit, same if you just want 1 night.
Again, you also have to pay for the Park entrance, but staying at the Resorts, you do get a concession - you pay 1/2 the daily rate.

Modules 2018 Different Resort units Resort rate 4 pax incl b/f Self catering deals no meals
Off peak weekends Manyane - 2B6/8 sleeper No 6/8 Resort units R 6 000 for 3 nights
Off peak midweeks Manyane - 2B6/8 sleeper No 6/8 Resort units R 6 000 for 4 nights
Off peak weekends Manyane - 1B4/6 sleeper R 3 520/n R 5 400 for 3 nights
Off peak midweeks Manyane - 1B4/6 sleeper R 3 350/n R 5 400 for 4 nights
Off peak weekends Bakgatla - 1B5/7 sleeper R 3 400/n R 5 700 for 3 nights
Off peak midweeks Bakgatla - 1B5/7 sleeper R 3 090/n R 5 100 for 4 nights
Set weeks that can not be changed. If booked & paid & you can't use, you can not move the dates.
Dates Different Resort units Unit number Self catering deals
April - in Fr 27 - out Mo 30 Manyane - 2B6/8 sleeper Unit 49 R 7 500 for 3 nights long weekend
April - in Mo 30 - out Fr 4/5 Manyane - 2B6/8 sleeper Unit 49 R 6 000 for 4 nights
May - Su 13 1 night Kwa Maritane - 2B 6/8 tbc R 2400 for 1 night
July - in Fr 20 - out Mo 23 Manyane - 2B6/8 sleeper Unit 49 R 6 000 for 3 nights
July - in Mo 30 - out Fr 3/8 Manyane - 2B6/8 sleeper Unit 60 R 6 000 for 4 nights
Sep - in Fr 7 - out Mo 10 Manyane - 1B4/6 1 bathroom Unit 58 R 5 100 for 3 nights
Sep- in Mo 10 - out Fr 14 Manyane - 1B4/6 1 bathroom Unit 58 R 5 100 for 4 nights
Sep - in Fr 21 - out Mo 24 Manyane - 1B4/6 sleeper Unit 27 R 7 500 for 3 nights long weekend
Sep- in Mo 24 - out Fr 28 Manyane - 1B4/6 sleeper Unit 27 R 5 400 for 4 nights
Oct - in Mo 22 - out Fr 26 Bakgatla - 1B5/7 sleeper Unit 31 R 5 100 for 4 nights
Dec - in Fr 26 - out Mo 29 Bakgatla - 1B5/7 sleeper Unit 31 R 5 700 for 3 nights
Oct - in Mo 29 - out Fr 2 Nov Bakgatla - 1B5/7 sleeper Unit 31 R 5 100 for 4 nights
Nov - in Fr 30 - out Fr 7 Dec Bakgatla - 1B5/7 sleeper Unit 23 on the fence R 11 000 for 7 nights, R2000/n if split
Nov - in Mo 10 - out Fr 14 Bakgatla - 1B5/7 sleeper tbc R 7 000 for 4 nights
Dec - in Mo 10 - out Fr 14 Sun City - 2B4/6 sleeper Phase 1 R 11 600 for 4 nights
Dec - in Fr 14- out Fr 21 Manyane - 2B6/8 sleeper Unit 21 R 14 000 for week, R2 500/n if split
Dec - in Fr 21- out Fr 4 Jan Manyane - 1B4/6 sleeper Unit 27 R 14 000 per 7 nights, R2 500/n if split
Dec - in Fr 28 - out Fr 4 Jan Manyane - 2B6/8 sleeper Unit 60 R 16 000 for 7 nights, R2 750/n if split

** - R 3 100/n is the peak Resort Rate for 4 pax with Breakfast incl (R140pp) -
Above Chalets are self catering & have 2 bathrooms iso the standard 1 bathroom of the Resort Chalets

Pilanesberg Dawn to Dusk Safaris from Johannesburg, Pretoria, Pilanesberg and Sun City

Working with new pics are just too time consuming, so I only do it when I have free time! May 2019
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Accommodation in the Park only: Staying Friday or Saturday you have to pay for 2 nights min.

Accommodation in and around Sun City. Staying Friday or Saturday you have to pay for 2 nights min.

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