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Tours Pilanesberg National Park

Travel & Booking Agent commissions

It's really simple...... I don't do freebies. I won't take you, your mother, your cousin Vinnie, your uncle Bob or your aunt Daisy on a free trip. I offer a straight 10% and that is all. And just applicable on my own Pilanesberg day trips, excluding transfers. This is not negotiable & will never be. I run these trips as I enjoy them, not because I have to pay the rent. So 10% on trips from Pilanesberg. For trips from Johannesburg and Pretoria take off R4000 of the total booking, then 10% of the balance. A return transfer cost me R4000 and more nett at this moment (Des 2018), and I can't pay a comm on that... You need to leave enough meat on the bone for me, and this could benefit you as well. One of the travel agents that use me regularly has had good spin offs thanks to extremely satisfied clients sending her new business! With me your clients will have that incredible experience.

Don't even ask me for a comm on the balloon safaris or ele's or accommodation or anything else. In some cases I only get 7% myself and in 12 cases I don't get a comm at all, even though I send a lot of business their various ways. Then add that I have to fight like hell to get my comm out of some operators....... it's just not worth the effort. Unfortunately Pilanesberg is a destination & people around there are pretty draconian in their attitude; so you have to deal with them on their terms or not at all..... So if you're another booking agent wanting to know who to call, I will give you my bank details. I have paid my school fees, so will help you at a price....R1000 deposit = information!

Now is this a white or a black rhino?

Pilanesberg Dawn to Dusk Safaris from Johannesburg, Pretoria, Pilanesberg and Sun City

Working with new pics are just too time consuming, so I only do it when I have free time! May 2019
Picture Gallery up to 2019
Picture Gallery 2010
Picture Gallery 2009
Picture Gallery 2008
Picture Gallery 2007
Picture Gallery 2006
Picture Gallery 2005
Picture Gallery 2004

It's alphabetical - so save us both time.... and if not on here I will put it up!

Accommodation in the Park only: Staying Friday or Saturday you have to pay for 2 nights min.

Accommodation in and around Sun City. Staying Friday or Saturday you have to pay for 2 nights min.

Airport at Pilanesberg

Animal studies in Pilanesberg

Bakgatla Resort

Bakubung Bush Lodge

Balloon Safaris: In Pilanesberg National Park -  R5 000 pp - 1 hour, minimum 4 pax!

Binoculars needed

Bird list
Brochure  request - you need a DNL reader 

Buffalo in the Park

Camping - book direct at 014 555 1000, don't be surprised if you hold 15 minutes and then get cut off.

Cancellation Terms and Conditions

Condition of the Veld

Dangers in Pilanesberg

Disclosures: About vehicles used for Pilanesberg and other

Directions - see map

Elephant Back safaris in Pilanesberg.

Entrance fee - see gate times

Etiquette in Game Parks like Pilanesberg for self drives

Friends of Pilanesberg Society - Volunteers helping to maintain the Park.

Gate Times for Pilanesberg National Park

Geology of Pilanesberg National Park

Highlights seen in Pilanesberg the last 2 years:
Don't expect something like this or the animals to stand next to the road waiting.  It's not a Zoo!

History of Pilanesberg National Park

Idiot Gallery - Stunts pulled in Pilanesberg National Park by the mentally challenged.  Other tour operators are welcome to contribute - I will give you recognition except if you don't want it!

Ivory Tree Game Lodge

Kids on Safari. in Pilanesberg or other parks

Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge

Manyane Resort

Map and directions to Pilanesberg

Other Parks near Pilanesberg

Other Tour Operators doing Pilanesberg

Packages to Lodges

Picture Gallery -  taken by us over the last 8 years in Pilanesberg.

Pilanesberg National Park vs Kruger National Park.

Reading - other re Pilanesberg.

Safety in Pilanesberg

Schedule - tour schedule for Pilanesberg

Seen one of the day trips to Pilanesberg - 19 Sept 2007:

Seen on a 2 day safari to Pilanesberg - 9&10 August 2004:

Testimonials from clients we have taken to Pilanesberg

Things to do in and around Pilanesberg

Transfers only to Pilanesberg and Sun City - one way: charged per vehicle:

Tshukudu Bush Lodge

Veld Condition in the Park

Weather and Climate for Pilanesberg area

What can you hope to see in Pilanesberg?

When to go to Pilanesberg: best time etc

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