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Pilanesberg National Park
History of Pilanesberg National Park

Pilanesberg National Park is not actually a National Park. You won't for example find them on the National Parks website, a fact that has confused many a tour operator, without any of them coming up with an answer. It is really simple if you look at SA history. Pilanesberg was actually owned by 3 local tribes, and is run by the North West Parks Board.  Note that some of  the info provided here is not available anywhere else. Believe me, I 've researched every way possible! If you find it, they have ripped it from this page. As from 1 April 2018, NWPB will fall under NWDC (Development Corp), that will fall directly under the NW Premier. Rumours are that then finally the might come out with a yearly Parks Card.

With Bophuthatswana (Bop) having been an independent homeland, the Park was proclaimed by the then local black government. 52 farmers were bought out and moved.  The town of Pilanesberg was flattened and all that remains is the old Magistrates Court - now called the Pilanesberg Centre, and 1 wall standing in the old town. Not visible except if you know exactly where it is. There is a little restaurant there with a stunning view, now decent service,  decent food and a very expensive souvenir shop. If you ever get the urge to change your dollars for 15% - 20% less than face value this is the place to do it, but then the Lodges and Sun City exchanges at the same rate. The only other remains are a few small graveyards not visible except for a very short time about 1 in 3 years after controlled burning. The Park was seen as the National Park of Bophutatswana & of course called Pilanesberg National Park. With the forceful reoccupation by the old government and the ANC, President Lucas Mangope was deposed by a coup of course called protective custody and Bop reincorporated with SA. Pilanesberg is one of the few names in SA  that won't change as it is named after Chief Pilane, a very powerful chief that owns vast land outside the park. Chief Pilane's grandfather fought with the British against the Boers and had the reputation of being invisible. It seems that more land was given for services rendered.

6000 animals were relocated with Operation Genesis in 1979. They were released into the quarantine area of 1000 ha and after a few weeks the fences were dropped. This is the area that was used for elephant back safaris. As the purpose of the park was a feeder for other parks no lion or cheetah were brought in. However leopard was naturally present as was brown hyena, steenbok and mountain reedbuck. Currently this is The Park in the world that you have the best chance of seeing brown hyena, our record on one day was 8! Also brought in was a "family" of elephant. As no mature bulls was brought in ( they were too large), the young bulls caused a bit of havoc and killed 17 rhino before the problem was identified. The reason for this was there was no parental care and the young bulls came into Musth at too you an age. But by then transport techniques have improved so 6 older bulls were brought in from Kruger. This suppressed the Musth problem. The young culprits were all shot but by that time 40 rhino have been killed..

Camps and lodges were built on the perimeter. In 1991 Nelson Mandela was released and all of a sudden tourism took off. So in 1993 the focus changed & predators were brought in, and it became a destination. In Aug 2004 there were 42 lion plus 32 months old cubs, 13 cheetah, 167 elephant, 21 wild dog, 90 black rhino, 300 white rhino, 14 sable, 80 buffalo, and scores of other species totaling about 8 000 head. It is easier to list what is not there - bontebok, blesbuck, nyala and roan. The animals are currently TB free as opposed to the Kruger animals - they are losing about 30 % of some species yearly just to TB and I don't think the public realize it is not going to stop.

The current size has just been increased from 55 250 ha to 57 250 ha in May 2004. There is a "workable" 10 year plan to establish a corridor between Pilanesberg and Madikwe Game Reserve - it seems this gets extended every 5 years :). The 2000 ha that was added on the north western was the first bit from the Pilanesberg side - Black Rhino Private section. On the Madikwe side there has already been several additions towards the south east. There are also several private owners dropping fences from the middle moving towards Pilanesberg and Madikwe. Property that was 12 years going for R300/ha sold for R5000/ha overnight. In the immediate pipeline is a huge piece of land to be added to Pilanesberg, but the mines have thrown in some obstacles.

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