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 Who are we ???

On 5 June 1995 I opened Word of Mouth Backpackers when my farming venture folded due to drought. I wrote a small guide - the Mouth - in 1996 providing very useful and unobtainable information at that time; covering 13 Countries. I published it myself, and realised I should have stuck to farming without water :) Everyone wanted the info, but no one wanted to pay a little less than 1 US$ for it! I opened several backpackers during the next couple of years, and at 1 time had 4 at the same time. I ran myself ragged, but the 2 positive spin offs was that I bought my own property as my landlords especially Desmond Reed from Midcity acted like they were untouchable Columbian druglords...and I discovered Pilanesberg, my passion for the last 17 years.

I am respected by most the industry as being a straight shooter; the rest of course being in the line of fire! I deal with various operators and have done so for the last over 22 years. I do not necessarily sell operators that give us a larger commission for the sake of making more money. I sell what I believe in - value for money. I do business for tomorrow. This is one of the reasons I disclose everything...the good & the bad. I want your family and friends and acquaintances to come back and visit South Africa again. So it is simple, I offer you a service and  get paid for it by the operator - normally a 10% to 15% commission. I try to keep this site up to date and my service up to speed but it is a huge job.

I would appreciate it that when you let me run around for you; that you actually book through me.... As from 21 May 2014 I will charge a research fee when I have to do complicated running around for you. I just had 2 clients this last week that gave me the runaround for 2 and 4 hours of my time, and then booked elsewhere. And not even a thank you for your time....Payable by Paypal or EFT in advance, this will be deducted when booking - so it will cost you the same for your tour or accommodation if you book, and if you don't I get compensated for my time.
For example, I won't look for accommodation for you during peak times on short notice without $ in the bank! I will also charge a movement fee, this will vary according to the extra time it takes me - just work on Euro 60/h

And please don't phone with with 1001 questions at 11pm - this actually has happened many times! I 'm normally not in the office then - the call gets relayed & it really ticks me off if I have to get up at the next day at 2h00 . You are welcomes to Skype me though - ID = travelinafrica. I will help if I can, and will tell you if I can't. I can't help when I'm in the Park though; there is just about no cell reception. I must stress that I am a small operator, and that I want to stay small.

This site has been averaging  just under 150 visitors/day (3000 hits/day) over the last few yearsr. We still get  about 50 mails ave. during workdays of which about 70 % is spam - most the rest wanting more free information. With at least half of the questions asked the info is already on this page so PLEASE look before you ask!  I 'm really too busy to waste my time. That is why I date my pages and state VALID TILL!

If you are an operator wanting us to deal with you do the following:
Make sure you are qualified, FGASA, Theta guide certificate, etc, have your permits ready, PDP, passenger liability, road transportation permit. I will ask to see all this before we play. Next make sure you are value for money - we are not commission driven so we won't sell a product just because it offers a high comm.. Then, be sure to include minimum numbers and stick to that as we like to deal with operators that actually operate. Now:
1. mail us your info
2. mail us again a week later if you have not heard from us. Don't phone - I actually have very little time available.
3. repeat step 2! :)
4. if we are interested we will set up an appointment after 7pm. Office hours is reserved for guests and customers. If not we won't waste your time.
 DON''T just pitch as we won't be available to you! Also note that if you are some new operator you have a snowballs chance in hell. I know the players in the industry and I don't have the time to advise you. When I 'm interested in dealing with you I normally do the approach.

I would like to dedicate this site to my very beautiful and special daughters Jade who was born on the 26th of August 1997, and Lana 17 May 2008. I will always love you both to bits! ! And to all our supporters through all the years - I have met the most interesting people in the last 22 years - thank you.

Adventure Travel Africa - May 2017
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PO Box 250 Sun City, 0316

Skype ID = travelinafrica
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adventure travel africa
806 Unit 2, Mogwase, Pilanesberg, Office - Please mail only
PO Box 250 Sun City, 0316
- Updated May 2017
All Pilanesberg queries - 

Mail your needs with clear specifications, and with definites booked...i.e
" Looking for a 4 day Kruger accommodated departing Johannesburg, 2 people, budget R8000pp or less
Flights booked for arrival Jo'burg Monday 20 Oct 10h00 locally from Cape Town, and departure to Germany 19h50 Fr 24 Oct.
We want to have 1 nightdrive and 1 walk included"