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Phoning - a major accomplishment

You will seriously stress if you don't understand how this works
As from 8 May 2002 you have to pnone the area code before the
number as well even if you are in town - so normally a 10 digit number

pic from Niki-Nana
Normally not working
Green = card phones
If Blue(= coins) it will
normally be smashed
In SA: To phone into SA normally dial 00 - not always
To phone out 09

The best value card costs R20 and you get R22 credit
Hostels normally sell this for R20 except Africa 
Centre - Jo'burg @ R30 for this R20 card

When trying to phone out please note that most card 
phones like the one on the left are normally blocked 
against making international calls. The Nigerian card 
dials unlimited so everything is getting blocked.

Rather e-mail - it is easier & cheaper

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