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Malaria -  bigger than Aids or bad drivers
Anopheles mosquito - the malaria mosquito
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Health Concepts
The Black Widow, the malaria mozzy - you just can't trust these femme's right?!? You also can't trust dogs, ticks, the government (they sting you with toll gates), Robert Mugabe and many more. I would stongly suggest reading this health site - info on Malaria, DVT, Rabies, Yellow Fever, Meningitis, all the Hep's and more. Note that it is much cheaper to get your vaccinations in South Africa.
We strongly recommend taking precautions against malaria. Most European centres prescribe only  Larium but there is alternatives. I have seen far too many Larium side effects during the last 10 years to take it myself so I 'll settle for Doxy. L seems to affect intelligence as well as I 've had scores of people attacking me for my anti L stance; claiming that they took it with no side effects.... This just proves it causes shortsighted-ness as they can't seem to understand that though they feel ok, other people might not!!
In short; rather take anything than not taking at all. AND DRINK LITRES OF WATER!

adventure travel africa
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