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Wi fi not connecting after Microsoft Window 8.1 update 18 Nov 2014

I updated from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 - big mistake, KEEP WINDOWS 8!
I had more than a week of headaches. Not only did my wifi not work except very sporadically, but plugging the cable in also played up. Sometimes I only had internet for 5 min in the hour. So I lost hours and hours to either just get online, or trying to fix this, and crossed many other frustrated Window 8.1 user's tracks. Looking at the time spend and income I lost, I would have been much better off just going out and buying a new laptop. I might have done this already, but I only bought this brand new Lenovo B590 7 months ago. I tried lots of solutions posted on the web ( except for going into the BIOS) to no avail. I changed the DNS & what seemed to be 20 other things...

I finally phoned MS Johannesburg, as I realized that once you go 8.1 you can't do a system restore to Windows 8 - 4 restores just wasted time. Though I had several restore points from months before, they disappeared once 8.1 was the OS. Of course got patched through across the seas, but to a quite helpful Indian. He listened well, didn't know what to do, but asked that I hold on 4 minutes. He then came back with the below:

There is a start now on bottom left that I didn't see on Windows 8, right click, the click Command Prompt (admin) - previously I could not get to that, just to the normal command prompt.
Now type in immediately after the >dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
Then enter...note spaces before all the forward slashes. Takes about 40 min, don't use you pc during this time. Ended saying corruption was repaired.
It seems one of my Window files was corrupted, and that's why nothing worked...but then another 2 things. 1st You Tube videos was superslow, and 2nd, the error continued but differently stated:
"The connection between your access point, router, or cable modem and the Internet is broken. The network gateway is accessible, but Windows couldn’t receive network traffic from the Internet. "

So having run out of options I turned to fixing You Tube. I googled and found the MS forums useless. However this answer from Mike M solved it - - I removed the pepperflash folder, but read the notes below 1st....I didn't find the hidden folder for 10 minutes. Strangely enough after removing it not only did my streaming work, but I've only had 4 wireless disconnects in 24 hours, so pretty much solved. Hope this helped you.

adventure travel africa
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