Fuel Costs - South Africa

Every first Wednesday of every month the fuel price goes up, occasionally coming down. Fuel prices has gone up by 25% in any given month, equivalent of 300%/year- to give you an idea of possible inflation. Petrol used to cost US$ 0,40/l in June 1995; now costing US$ 0,76/l. But in ZAR the fuel price currently (1st week April 2009) stands at R7,38/L. (1 US$ = ZAR 9,78) In  June 1999 the price was R2,23/l, US$ 0,36/l.
That is equal to an average of 8 % + increase year on year in $ terms ( June 99 - April 2009)!

Look at http://www.dme.gov.za/energy/liquid_prices.stm , and you will see the basic fuel price is R3,81/L of R7.07(March 2009), or 54% of the streetprice. The rest are taxes, levies, road accident fund, margins and delivery. The tax is R1,27/L customs 0,04/L & RAF 46,5/L, 26,5% of the user end price. Fuel at the coast is of course slightly cheaper, as there are no transport costs.

Also look at Inflation

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