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Drivers Licences

You DO NOT need an international licence if you stay for shorter than 1 year. All you need is a document that is identifiable as a licence. You do have to have your licence with you at all times that you are driving though atherwise you might get fined.

please note the following though as we can't stress it too much:
1. Driving long distances at night is out. There is an amazingly huge number of drunk people staggering across the road in cities which result in an accident.
2. Depending on the region, goats and cows are famous for walking on roads where there are no streetlamps.
3. Take note of broken glass lying on the ground when waiting at a red traffic light, also when parking your car.  This means that a window was broken out to steal a wallet/handbag from the frontseat or dashboard.  When parking your car at your accommodation, make sure they have inside parking, parking it in front of the hostel is not good enough.

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