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African Time
You are on holiday so you don't want to stress. So if you understand
us Africans your holiday will be quite more enjoyable !
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May 2000
In South Africa:
Time is really irrelevant. Tomorrow really is another day. Don't try to travel SA too quick - it's huge and you'll miss most of it. ideally you should have 6 weeks or so.

Some Phrases you'll need to understand:
just now - sometime in the distant future; maybe tomorrow
now now  - maybe a little bit sooner than the above - but don't bug me
right now - should be pretty soon

If you ask how far it is/how long it will take to walk and the answer is not long/not far it means anything - it could take a long time! So don't dare to ask directions!!  In the African tradition it is rude not to answer even when you don't know you will get pointed in 14 different directions. Also note that it is common sense not to walk around with a map waving it around like a matador. If you get lost go into a shop and take the map out inside.

Other scheduled tourism related services normally leaves on time but might arrive late - especially the trains. Flights are all leaving about 1 hour late re. WTC - 18/9/01. Flights are back on track but be there about 2 and a half hours before the flight departs.

Outside South Africa:

Basically the same applies. In addition the chicken (local) buses will tell you they are leaving right now as the engine is running. They might leave 4 hours later...

Please note that if the sign states that the busses leave bi-weekly; it probably means every 2nd weeks and NOT twice/week!

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